AutoSlide Car Transfer Aid

Prevents you slipping forward in car seat

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Why Use an AutoSlide?

 Autoslide helps people transfer to the seat and find a more comfortable position without all the wiggle factor.  When you need to be somewhere, who wants to spend precious time tweaking seating position?


"The device is very simple to fit and use - it's just a matter of starting the engine and driving off"


The Benefits of using an AutoSlide?  

An autoslide helps people to get in and out of cars by reducing the effort it takes when turning and moving sideways to readjust the sitting position.  This is a big help before and during the journey.  The autoslide prevents the user from moving forward as the seat cushions are firmly attached to the backs of car seats.

The autoslide car transfer slide is softly padded to ensure a comfortable journey and is designed with ULF (ultra low friction) sliding material under buttocks.  If assistance is needed, the autoslide has handles at the sides of the seat cushion to allow for giving a helping hand.



  • AutoSlide facilitates getting into and out of cars and reduces the effort when readjusting the sitting position before and during the journey.
  • The soft, padded surface provides for a comfortable journey.
  • The ULF sliding material reduces friction under buttocks.
  • Robust handles enable carers to provide assistance.
  • Secure fitting in the car seat prevents users from sliding forward.




Getting into a car can be awkward but it's worth
it for the freedom!

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