Date Posted: 10 May 2019

The highest cause of preventable death over the age of 50 is falling. Researchers have concluded that older adults should get involved in exercise programs to prevent falls.

Author: deb   Date Posted: 1 April 2019

It's hard to believe that simply eating broccoli will help you fall less later in life - but that is what science is pointing towards.

Author: Simon   Date Posted: 11 March 2019

​If you want freedom for your child and family to broaden opportunities to travel and participate in more adventure activities, then look no further than the ProMove Sling.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 11 March 2019

If there is a fire in a building and you need to evacuate patients quickly, you need two essentials - a carer and an evacuation aid. Let's say you have one or two carers on hand- how do they manage the load to evacuate an individual with no mobility?

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Author: Deb   Date Posted: 14 June 2018

Glycine found in collagen supplements and certain foods are the smallest of amino acids but pack a punch when it comes to what they can achieve in our bodies!

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Author: Deb   Date Posted: 27 February 2018

Whether you work in an office, enjoy sugary treats or are an elite athlete, almost every person in the western world will experience some form of health issue, such as muscular pains or poor bone health

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 15 February 2018

From niggle to acute pain, most of us think of an immediate trip to the chemist for some over-the-counter medication relief. But for some of us, that has just changed.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 3 February 2018

Find out how organic turmeric capsules can benefit your body and why they are known as a powerful, natural inflammatory.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 23 January 2018

Paw paw cream uses have been many and varied for centuries and now those with mild arthritis are finding it a promising way to soothe pain and inflammation.

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Author: Simon & Deb   Date Posted: 28 December 2017

Is Osteoarthritis a degenerative joint disease only? Do joints have the potential to repair? Leading Specialist of Rheumatology, David Hunter, throws light on what the condition really is and gives hope to people suffering from OA.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 14 November 2017

How can DHA help preserve our brains as we age?

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 14 August 2017

Recent research has shone light on medicated pain killers commonly taken for back pain and the little benefit they provide.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 14 June 2017

5 inexpensive and easy ways to ease arthritic symptoms naturally. A quick 5 minute read that might just make a difference!

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 24 May 2017

5 ways turmeric can help with arthritis. How such a simple addition of turmeric in your daily diet can help prevent and control the spread of arthritis, helping to relieve pain and stiffness of joints.

Author: Deb   Date Posted: 7 February 2017

Find out why we need to typically boost our magnesium stores and easy ways to do it! Magnesium transdermal treatment can help remedy some simple symptoms typically seen in children, teenagers, mothers and the overworked.

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