5 Drug Free Ways To Help Arthritis

Author: Deb   Date Posted:14 June 2017 

5 Drug Free Ways To Help Arthritis

5 Drug-Free Ways to Help Arthritis


Over 6 million people in Australia suffer from arthritis.  In the US this number is closer to 50 million with over a quarter-million children affected. Both Australia and the US have an ageing population, so these numbers are expected to increase dramatically in the near future.  Access Economics has projected 7million Australian arthritis sufferers by 2050.  

Arthritis sounds like a singular condition although it covers around 100 medical conditions and typically includes pain, inflammation and stiffness to joints.  It’s easy to assume it’s a condition that picks on the elderly only, but a generous proportion affects the younger population, with around half of sufferers being of working age.  And children are not left out of the equation, with at least 6,000 Australian children suffering from juvenile arthritis.

I’m sure most people have already trialed, tested and tweaked ways to manage their arthritic symptoms.  And although I am not yet affected (apart from a disturbing crunching sound in my right knee when I climb stairs!), I may very well fall into the future statistic of 7 million and already I’m thinking “How am I going to manage this condition”?  The answer is as natural as I possibly can.   


5 drug-free ways to help arthritis naturally

1)    Hot and Cold Therapies helps pain, stiffness and swelling.  This can be as easy as taking a warm bath (try adding a cup of magnesium chloride flakes) or applying a heating pad onto the most painful areas. Great for enhancing circulation and getting your body ready for physical activity. Just as easy for cold – soft cold packs that mould to your body’s contours is easy to find, or grab an ice-cube and massage into a sore spot.  Cold treatment is best for acute pain as it numbs the pain.

2)    Topical Applications.  Nature has all the right intentions – it wants to help!  Many of our topical creams, gels, patches have natural ingredients that target pain and inflammation at the site.  Capsaicin creams, such as our Percutane, actually reduce the frequency of pain signals sent from the brain, relieving muscle and joint pain.  It's Inexpensive and backed by science.  

3)    Turmeric helps PREVENT the spreading of arthritis as well as control it.  Turmeric has the potential to significantly reduce pain and joint swelling, which equates to a lesser reliance on other anti-inflammatory medications that carry some nasty side effects.

4)    Omega 3: Get into it because omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation. Increasing our intake of omega 3 in relation to omega-6 plays an important factor when considering inflammation.  Research has shown the benefits of omega-3 in the management of Rheumatoid arthritis.  

5)    Weight Mindfulness & Exercise – I’ve saved the best for last!  It’s true that those who engage in more activity generally have less activity-related pain.  Multiple studies show that exercise is beneficial for people with arthritis and can even help prevent or slow osteoarthritis damage.  


I’m 44 years old and my preventative health insurance plan doesn’t include prescription drugs. I’ll try my hardest not to go there.  If I happen to be one of the 7million by 2050, then I’m determined to play an active role in this conditions pain management.  

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