How do you escape a fire as a bedridden patient?

Author: Deb   Date Posted:11 March 2019 

How do you escape a fire as a bedridden patient?

The answer - you probably won't!  If there is a fire in a building and you need to evacuate patients quickly, you need two essentials - a carer and an evacuation aid.  Let's say you have one or two carers on hand- how do they manage the load to evacuate an individual with no mobility independence?  What if those carers are a bit fragile themselves or have injuries, such as common back injuries?  This is likely to compromise the chances of evacuating an individual quickly and safely when time is of the essence.  To complicate matters, the patient themselves maybe bariatric, making the load near enough impossible to manual handle.  Without an evacuation device, the chances of getting out alive is drastically diminished.


How the S-CAPEPOD Works

That's why the S-CAPEPOD was designed - to solve that pain point.  The S-CAPEPOD is a permanent sheet that is placed inconspicuously underneath the bed-ridden/highly immobile individual.  In simple steps, the sheet wraps around the mattress and the patient and secures them for safe evacuation by one or two carers. Watch here how it is done!



The individual does not feel or see the mattress in normal life but thanks to its intuitive design, the patient will be ready for evacuation in a matter of seconds.  Wheeling beds out create blockages in hallways and elevator use is not an option during fires.  S-CAPEPOD is a quick and safe evacuation tool for personal home use, aged care residents or hospital patients.  The best thing is that it is always there, ready to be employed if needed.


The S-CAPEPOD is a good fit for 

  • Home care
  •  Aged care facilities
  • Elderly with no or very limited mobility
  • Hospital patients recovering from injuries or illness
  • Palliative care
  • Bariatric patients with limited to no mobility


The S-CAPEPOD was developed with 3 strong core values in mind





Bacteria free

The cloth protects people against the danger of bacteria.

Fire retardant

Produced with fire retardant yarns to ensure fire retardancy.

Fits these mattresses

Width: 080-090 centimeter | Maximum length: 210 centimeter

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Overweight bariatric amputee

By: on 24 June 2021
Can you please tell me how to evacuate a Overweight bariatric amputee. The person concerned has a total weight of twenty five stone. The employees are all female and of slight build. The building has no evacuation equipment. Yours sincerely, Les Tarbox.

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