Natural Back Pain Remedies – when everything hurts

Author: Deb   Date Posted:15 February 2018 

Natural Back Pain Remedies – when everything hurts

Natural Back Pain Remedies – for when everything hurts

From niggle to acute pain, most of us think of an immediate trip to the chemist for some over-the-counter medication relief. But for some of us, that has just changed.


The Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA) has changed its policy on how we access codeine-based medications. As of February, codeine-based pain killers changed from over-the-counter access to prescription only.


Whilst it cannot be denied that many medicines and treatments are vital, this move by the TGA has to be a good one, considering how addictive codeine is. Many people are unaware that codeine, like morphine, is derived from opium poppies. The issue with codeine, as with many pain killers, is that it’s not intended to treat long-term conditions due to severe health implications. With over-medication, particularly when it comes to issues like back pain remedies, comes a plethora of negative side effects. Long-term use of codeine, apart from being horrifically addictive, can lead to stomach ulcerations, liver damage and respiratory difficulties. Other alternate pain killers if used long-term can wreak havoc with our intestinal systems, sleep and other functions. There are similar issues when people are on multiple prescriptions – medication clashes can be disastrous and are often not picked up until it’s too late.


How’s your back?

It amazed me when I came across this fact – 85% of Australians will experience back pain at some stage in their life. The British medical journal states that ‘low back pain and neck pain are leading causes of disability worldwide”. A tiler I had booked in cancelled our bathroom job due to being debilitated in bed with back pain – ok, he’s in a high risk group! But then there are people like me – no particular reason why I'm pre-dispositioned to back pain (apart from picking up my children) yet only a few weeks ago I spent a good 3 days walking around the house hunched backed, with acute muscle spasms. My brother was bedridden a few weeks ago with a bad back which struck whilst brushing his teeth! Most people in our yoga class request positions to help relieve their lower back pain. You get the point – a lot of people suffer from back pain.


Paracetamol will most likely remain a popular choice for people experiencing back pain. Already, it is the most purchased over the counter pain killer. A 2015 study revealed paracetamol as ineffective for back pain. Long-term use of paracetamol is not a great pain management plan either as it also poses some potential health risks, including gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney problems, for little or no benefit.


Natural back pain relief

Ideally, a pain treatment that promotes health whilst alleviating pain, is a better choice than medications. It makes sense to look towards natural remedies. For millennia, indigenous and traditional cultures have looked to nature to help with pain relief.


SUVE stocks a diverse range of back pain relief products which have their roots in nature. These natural back pain remedies come in the forms of topical creams, sprays and patches that assist with the inflammation and muscle tension that contribute to persistent back pain. I use Percutane on my lower back during acute muscle pain and magnesium on my middle to upper back to help calm muscle spasms and tightness. These pain-fighting remedies ease the symptoms of back pain, including lower back and sciatica pain relief, without relying on chemically derived mediations.


A considered approach

Selecting back pain remedies that are nature-based as opposed to relying on medication is a worthwhile path to take. Ingredients like capsaicin, turmeric, magnesium and arnica are anti-inflammatory. Capsaicin, derived from chilli peppers, actually works on thwarting pain signals sent to the brain.


A proactive approach to pain management might also include pilates, yoga, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and physical exercise. A sit to stand desk to avoid prolonged periods of sitting is always a great investment. There are lots of options to try to figure out what works best for you.


Shop our range of back pain remedies and explore a world of pain relief treatment.

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