ProMove Slings help children access restricted spaces

Author: Simon   Date Posted:11 March 2019 

ProMove Slings help children access restricted spaces


Wanting better opportunities for your disabled child?

If you want freedom for your child and family to broaden opportunities to travel and participate in more adventure activities, then look no further than the ProMove Sling.  The ProMove Sling was designed by a disabled man, who felt the limitations of opportunities he wanted to access.  Since ProMove's development, it has allowed people to tap into experiences that were otherwise difficult or often avoided altogether.  A great advantage of the ProMove is that its very design allows children to be placed into restricted spaces in a much more comfortable and dignified way.


The ProMove Sling allows access to tight spaces such as

* Airplane or bus/train seating

* Theme Park Rides

* Sailboarding or Kayaking

* Small bathrooms and toilet cubicles

* Transitioning onto mat or other seating areas in schools


Versatility with ProMove

The ProMove's very nature lends itself to more adventure.  The child's ProMove is lightweight and compact and can be taken anywhere.  In it's specially designed bag it can be hung over the wheelchair by its straps until needed or stuffed into suitcases or day out bag.  The ProMove also provides an intermediate step to using a hoist, allowing child and parents to become used to using a sling before adoption hoisting.  The ProMove can also be used with a hoist. 


To wrap it up, the main benefits of the ProMove are

  • comfortable transfer

  • lightweight and compact in size

  • more dignified transfer than manhandling

  • minimises risk of injury to individual and carer

  • provides an intermediate step to using a hoist

  • Washable and withstands getting wet

  • strong, comfortable handles for carers


ProMove Sizes

The dignity range of ProMove slings comes in three sizes:

Child size 1 is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years of age,

Child size 2 is suitable for children from 8 to 14 years of age and the

Adult sling is suitable for children from about 12 years of age to large size adults.


Each of the sizes is available with the option of head support, ensuring that whatever the size of the individual and the nature of their disability there is a ProMove sling for them. 

Want to Learn More? Visit our page on the ProMove!








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