The 3 Omegas! Why Marine Algae is better than fish oil

Author: Deb   Date Posted:12 September 2017 

The 3 Omegas! Why Marine Algae is better than fish oil


Omega 3 - Our brains need it, our eyes need it, our joints love it!

The perfect way to get Omega 3 is through marine algae.  A plant-based alternative to fish oil could also present as a healthier alternative and without doubt, a more sustainable one.  The modern problem is most people consume far less Omega-3s than the recommended target.

Marine algae is the original source of omega 3 and the base of the food chain.  These microscopic algae plants convert the sun’s energy into omega 3, which in turn are consumed by fish.  So fish simply get their omega 3’s by eating algae, as fish don’t naturally produce omega 3’s either – that much we have in common!

Choosing sustainably grown marine algae for your Omega 3 requirements means there is no need to dip into the already overfished oceans. 


Why are Omega 3's so important?

Algae found in the ocean are a major source of Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), such as omega. Omega fatty acids contain EPA & DHA which are both long chain Omega-3’s, the most important for optimal health.

Healthy Brain DHA is abundant in the brain and facilitates brain growth, but the brain cannot manufacture it. There is research to support its potential to improve memory in older people and may help those with short-term memory loss.  Improves concentration for us all!

Eyes DHA is the primary compound of the brain and the retina.  It may also help alleviate dry eye symptoms.  DHA deficiency is associated with abnormalities in visual function. There is some research into omega 3's potential for decreasing the risk of developing macular degeneration in women.

Inflammation  EPA is thought to have the ability to reduce inflammation and especially helpful pain relief associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Mental Health Omega 3 can help in reducing stress or depression. The inverse of this means a lack of it can cause depression and moodiness.

Pregnancy, especially in the last 3 months to support baby’s growing brain, nervous system and eyes.  Newborn babies should ideally be receiving omega 3 to support cognitive development.

Children Omega-3 is critical to brain development and may assist in optimal learning and concentration while a deficiency can affect behaviour, concentration levels and educational performance.

Extra bonus benefits include…

Potential to improve sleep

Improved skin and hair condition

Help to control blood pressure

Cardiovascular benefits


Our fish no longer roam in pristine ocean waters like they once used to.  Heavy industry releasing toxins into our waters have meant that fish ingest residues that can be very much present in fish oil.  While it is true that some oceans are not as heavily polluted as others you still need to be choosy about where those fish were caught or farmed.  I would prefer to know the species of fish used and if available, assurance that regular testing is being performed to assess oxidation levels and heavy metals.  Some companies disclose these reports on their websites.


Marine Algae as a safe alternative

With marine algae, there is no need to worry about toxins or heavy metals.  Choosing a company that doesn’t use solvents, typically used to extract the oil from the algae, is going one step better.

Therapeia’s Marine Algae Oil capsules are hexane free.  Hexane is a nasty chemical (I have heard it likened to paint thinner) that acts as a solvent in the extraction process of the oil from algae.  Therapeia Marine Algae is extremely stable in its oxidation levels, showing little to no oxidation at all. 


Check it out here – oxidation reports will soon be available on our website

Omega 3 Marine Algae Oil

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