Magnesium - easy & quick ways to boost your stores

Author: Deb   Date Posted:7 February 2017 

Magnesium - easy & quick ways to boost your stores

Magnesium Benefits

Why do we need to boost our stores with supplements when we can eat foods rich in magnesium instead?  As I’m sure you know, our foods have been depleted from potentially rich magnesium due to poor soil quality from over farming. As a double whammy, we also lose magnesium through modern lifestyle habits – coffee, alcohol, salt (yes, all the things we love!) but also stress, drugs and antibiotics.  I for one, am not prepared to eliminate my Friday night wine ritual, so I’m sticking to a few daily magnesium sprays!  

So, let’s explore some ways magnesium may benefit you...


The Sporting Folk

Injury  Apply magnesium to the strained site before you apply ice to help reduce swelling and assist with quicker recovery.

Pre-Work Out  Gently massage magnesium into target muscle groups before you workout

Post Work Out  Avoid delayed DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and replace magnesium lost through sweat by taking a bath with about 30ml (2 tbsp.) liquid magnesium or around a cup of the magnesium bath salts.  Try replacing magnesium oil for massages to treat overworked muscles and inflammation.Tip: Rub magnesium first followed by massaging with an oil

Magnesium helps to treat injury, prevent injury and increase exercise performance all at the same time.  Strenuous exercise increases magnesium requirements by 10-20%.  Research has shown that even a small reduction in magnesium levels can affect stamina and recovery. 

Racing Minds  Recommended for hyperactivity, particularly in relation to anxiety and concentration.

Active Muscles  Give your child’s muscles a chance to relax tightness from the never-ending missions of childhood!

Bath time!  Pour in some magnesium oil (about 30ml) or throw in a handful of magnesium chloride salts so they won’t even notice!   Too stingy?  Dilute magnesium oil with water (about half-half).  Try a relaxing massage.  Spray or roll on top of feet where the skin is less sensitive or give a foot bath.

Magnesium benefits children by boosting their immune system, calming overactive minds, improving sleep quality and possibly easing growing pains.  It’s also one of the key nutrients for healthy bone development. As it’s very difficult to obtain the required amount from food (those green veggies again!) combined with an over-taste for processed foods, supplementation is even more warranted.  


Exam Pressure  Have a magnesium roll-on or spray handy in the bag and apply to quick absorbing areas – behind the knees, feet & under the arms (except if you’ve just shaven) to help calm over-excited nerves.  Try temples and back of neck to ease and prevent headaches.

PMS  Young women who have strong PMS symptoms tend to have low levels of magnesium by comparison, triggering irritability, brain fog and depression.  Magnesium’s muscle relaxant properties help ease back pain and abdominal cramping (try applying in these areas).  Spray, roll or bathe.  

In 2011-12 Australian Health Survey - teenagers were surprisingly in the highest group of magnesium inefficiency, especially females 14-18 age, with 72% not meeting their magnesium requirements.  


The Overworked

Computer Strain  Neck Pain from computer work  Spray/roll on magnesium onto the back of the neck and shoulders to ease muscle strain

Work Headaches  Daily magnesium application helps your body cope with stress and reduce the likelihood of headaches that may result.  Rub into temples and back of the neck.


Modern Day Motherhood
Be on top of the juggling act of 
modern day motherhood by making transdermal magnesium part of your daily nurturing routine.  Find parts of the body that you prefer to apply – inner thighs and arms work for me, but everyone is different.  I find the itch has eased greatly with regular treatment which is a good sign that my levels are at more optimum levels.

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath using a generous handful of magnesium bath salts for a wonderful night's sleep and a more re-energised start to the day!  Or, apply to tops of feet about 20 mins before sleep. Magnesium helps relax both the muscular and nervous system.

Getting On…
Getting on with life that is, in an older albeit fit, flexible body. 

Reverse Calcification  A healthy cell has high magnesium and low calcium levels.   A high intake of calcium can lead to calcification of the joints, leading to rigidity.  Most excess calcium gets dumped into soft tissue and around joints, leading to arthritis-like symptoms and joint pain, thereby reducing mobility.  Magnesium can reverse the degenerative calcification of our body structure by drawing calcium out of the blood and soft tissues and depositing it where it is needed the most for this more compromised age group – the bones!

Reduce Inflammation  Massage into areas affected by inflammation. Magnesium not only treats inflammation but when used regularly helps dissipate it.


Magnesium deficiency at a cellular level is very difficult to diagnose.  A blood test isn’t worth the bother since only around 1% of magnesium is stored in the blood.  Instead of attempting any guesswork of where your magnesium levels might be, it is easier and more effective just to take some and feel the difference!


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