easy Travelseat for Disability/Reduced Mobility (size: small)

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EasyTravelseat = Easy transfers


Youtube is of Josh, founder of easyTravelseat, instructing first-time aircraft crew on his transfer to window seat.  Communicate easily with staff on how to transfer.


EasyTravelseat is the first of its kind.  An all-in-one transfer seat that is designed to easily transfer people with disabilities or reduced mobility in and out of a wheelchair.  The easyTravelseat is already placed into the wheelchair before transfer where the person can now remain seated in a new location without all the extra manual handling.  Transfer with extra security, dignity and less fussing hands! 

When to use easyTravelseat:

  • Aircraft seats
  • Movie or theatre seating
  • Car seating (slot openings for seat belt access)
  • At home transfers ie wheelchair to chair
  • Beach wheelchair buggy 
  • helicopter rides
  • accessing boats or kayak
  • fishing chair

Many facilities do not always have appropriate transfer equipment for simple manual transfers, causing much distress and at times embarrassment at being over handled by strangers.  Being handled without proper transfer equipment puts the individual and person performing the task at greater risk of being injured.  

Designed for young teenagers to a large adult, the easyTravelseat can be used by 2 to 4 manual lifters.  Also compatible with a spreader bar hoist.

Insert your own cushion insert  OR  custom made cushions available soon on our website

EasyTravelseat Sizing

square seat size L/ W back height

Small      39.37 cm L/W

Small       53.34 cm 
Medium   41.91 cm L/W Medium   53.34 cm
Large       44.45 cm L/W    Large       53.34 cm


**NOTE: all easyTravelseat seats come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty**




wheelchair user in easytravelseat

UserGuide easyTravelseat

disabled man sitting next to aircraft window seat

When was the last time you had a window seat?

car travel with easyTravelseat

Just as good for car travel






Product Features

Manual handles - 8 handles for manual lifting

Extension straps - 2 additional straps for extra leverage when manually lifting in tight spaces

Looped hoist straps - 2 back straps, 2 leg straps and 2 inner leg straps

Travel pouch - to store your valuables like your passport!

Cut out side panels - to accommodate a wheelchair or aeroplane seat beat

Pouches - to hide away the looped hoist straps when not in use


Please note:  Safe working load - 200kg

Price includes shipping within Australia