Emergency Evacuation

Leave No-One Behind

In implementing evacuation procedures for emergencies, people that are lacking functional mobility are sometimes left out of the equation. Many workplaces, including childcare centers, are located in multi-story buildings and evacuation plans need to be modified to include people that cannot independently exit the building.  How do we evacuate adults or babies/toddlers quickly down stairways when, in emergencies, lifts are not an option?

Welcome to the innovative S-CAPEPLUS and S-CAPEPOD range of evacuation mattresses and evacuation sheets. 

 A fast & safe way to evacuate
Comfortable mattress
Can be used for vertical evacuation down stairways
Can be used for horizontal evacuation along the ground 
As easy as 1  2  3 Save time on evacuation training 
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S-CAPEPOD Evacuation sheet

S-CAPEPOD Evacuation sheet

permanently placed under mattress

evacuate in the matter of seconds


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Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS

Evacuation mattress S-CAPEPLUS

The evacuation solution

So simple. Save hours on evacuation training!


S-CAPEPLUS Premium Evacuation Mattress

S-CAPEPLUS Premium Evacuation Mattress

for industry use and rough terrains

material tougher than steel!


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S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress for Children

S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress for Children

An evacuation mattress for a safe and quick escape

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ProMove Emergency Services Kit

ProMove Emergency Services Kit

emergency evacuation of people with reduced mobility or disability

for accessing people in restricted spaces


Bariatric Kit for transfer - up to 400kg

Bariatric Kit for transfer - up to 400kg

Larger sling for disability, evacuation or rescue

For individuals weighing up to 400kg


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Emergency Evacuation Equipment for Children, the Disabled and the Elderly

Leave No-One Behind

Suve Healthcare brings you easy-to-use evacuation aids which provides assistance for those who are unable to independently follow emergency evacuation procedures.  Our range caters for babies to children, the elderly, obese, disabled, bed-ridden individuals or anyone with compromised mobility. It is a requirement of all departments to have an emergency evacuation plan. 


Under what conditions would an evacuation be necessary?

  • Power shutdown
  • Gas Leaks
  • Fire & smoke
  • Terrorist attacks


Are you prepared to escape quickly in the event of an emergency from home or workplace? 

What about people you may be responsible for, such as children in child care centers?  To complicate matters, the escape route of your residence or workplace may be compromised by stairs, narrow corners or small spaces.  Vulnerable or immobile individuals will need solutions.


We will help you find those solutions.


The S-CAPEPLUS and S-CAPEPOD are essential evacuation aids. 

These emergency evacuation aids will ensure the fastest and easiest evacuation of individuals who are unable to escape on their own.  The S-CAPEPLUS is a safe and effective piece of Health & Safety equipment that acts as a standalone solution, simple to use and designed to avoid injury to those carrying out the rescue. The S-CAPEPLUS is an evacuation mattress perfect for hospitals, schools, universities, childcare centers, and multistory workplaces.

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Are You Evacuating Bedridden Patients?

This is not an easy task as without an aid, a transfer of the individual may not be possible..  What if the patient is obese or fragile?  Time will not be on your side.  The S-CAPEPOD is a permanent evacuation sheet that lives under the bed mattress and can 'cocoon' the individual within 30 seconds for an evacuation.  The S-CAPEPOD has proven to the fastest evacuation cacoon to evacuate a bedridden person, including down all types of stairs.

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Does your facility have rough terrain or surfaces? 

The S-CAPEPLUS PREMIUM mattress is made from the world's toughest fibre, Dyneema, to handle outdoor terrains, perforated steps and rough surfaces.  Ideal for outdoor workplaces, factories or warehouses.

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Emergency Rescue for Babies & Infants

The CAPEKIDS evacuation is the fastest and safest way to evacuate children.  There are many multistory schools, kindergartens and childcare centers now, particularly in our CBDs, that make a quick escape for children a more complicated matter.  The CAPEKIDS offers an easy solution with it being designed to evacuate 4 babies or toddlers in the one mattress. Designed for childcare centers, maternity hospitals and children's hospitals, there is no other evacuation device like the S-CAPEKIDS.

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ProMove Evacuation Slings

The ProMove Sling is an innovative piece of equipment that allows for efficient and comfortable evacuation of disabled and/or bariatric individuals.  The ProMove sling is simple.  Designed to slip under an individual, the ProMove has a number of handles strategically positioned around the sling to lift, opposed to the 'roll' method, thus reducing the risk of further injury.

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Is your facility or home prepared in the event of an emergency? 

Contact Us for more information and a live demonstration of our evacuation equipment.