Magnesium Bath Flakes 800g Certified Organic

Pain Relief

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Amazing Oils sources its magnesium chloride from Australia's pristine salt lakes. The only organically certified source of magnesium in the world, Amazing Oils Magnesium flakes make the perfect bath salt as they are a concentrated source of magnesium. This method of boosting our magnesium levels is called 'transdermal magnesium' where magnesium is delivered via the skin for rapid absorption into the cells.

Use magnesium flakes for

  • achy muscles and joints
  • muscle spasms
  • stress relief
  • relaxation and deeper sleep
  • improved energy levels
  • arthritis

Why is magnesium so important? Our body cells need magnesium to function properly.  Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral found in our body and is required for a range of vital functions, including bone development (half our magnesium stores are found in our bones), proper muscle contraction, nerve function, energy production, brain and heart health.

Magnesium and Calcium  Magnesium is vital for calcium absorption.  A build-up of calcium can be a factor in leading to arthritis or osteoporosis. The lower the magnesium level, the more difficult it is to extract calcium from our cells that can build up in our soft tissue over time and exacerbate arthritic symptoms. 

Magnesium for pregnancy Magnesium bath flakes is perfect during pregnancy for boosting magnesium stores that typically become depleted and preventing painful muscle spasms, especially during the night.  

An Australian Health Survey highlights 1 in 3 people aged two and over failed to meet their magnesium requirements.  Interestingly, teenagers between 14-18 years of age were the most vulnerable group, particularly girls.  This is largely due to low dietary magnesium.  Magnesium cannot be tested as it remains mostly in our bones and cells, not in our blood. 

Magnesium baths are ideal for people with sensitive skin who find magnesium sprays too itchy.  It also makes for a great foot bath for those who have been on their feet at work!


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"Best remedy ever to relax after a day on my feet" Shari

Amazing Oils Active Ingredient

Naturally occurring Australian Magnesium Chloride

General Directions

Bath: Use 1/2 cup-1 cup (or handful) in a regular bath. Add to warm water.  Increase quantity for intensive treatment or injuries. Bathe 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 15 mins per time.

Footbath: Use 2-4 tablespoons.  Increase as required.

A good sized 800g pack will give you around 8+ bath soaks and 20+ foot baths.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath flakes are a great way for children to enrich their stores without the tingling sensation on sensitive skin.



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