MgBody Magnesium Spray 125ml

Sports Blend: Concentrated Magnesium with Essential Oils

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Magnesium Spray Sports Blend consists of concentrated magnesium with the added advantage of select essential oils.  Organic Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cajeput and Organic Peppermint have been chosen for their joint, anti-inflammatory and circulation properties.

Take Magnesium chloride for

  • muscle pain
  • muscle cramps
  • sore & tight muscles
  • lower back pain
  • back spasms
  • bone health
  • energy production
  • sleep problems
  • anxiety

Benefits of magnesium for athletes  Magnesium has amazing benefits for the athlete or sports lover. It helps reduce the likelihood of cramping by increasing muscle flexibility. Research suggests a positive correlation between magnesium status and muscle performance, including lower leg power, ankle and knee extension.   Without magnesium, our muscles would be in a permanent state of contraction.  

The requirement for magnesium increases with more intense or enduring physical activity.  Sustaining magnesium levels lost through sweat means athletes need to increase their magnesium requirement between 10-20%.  Using magnesium for muscles may help the body to recover faster, leading to a better performance with less fatigue.  

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2017 research says Mg supplementation may improve performance parameters in both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Magnesium Spray Sports Blend Ingredients

Pure Australian magnesium chloride concentration

No Added Water!

100% Essential oils of Organic Eucalyptus Radiata, Organic Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cajeput and Organic Peppermint


Spray daily over the whole body for maximum absorption

For cramps, sore muscles or injuries, spray onto affected area and massage into the skin


Avoid sensitive areas

Avoid direct sunlight after use

External use only

It is normal to experience a tingling feeling

The aroma is suitable for both men and women


MgBody    Goldcoast,  Queensland


Harvested from clean sea water from the Southern Ocean our fields rely on a natural evaporation process via sun and wind to create magnesium chloride left over from the salt process.  From this, in specially designed ponds, the magnesium chloride is patiently aged for over 4 years to achieve the ideal magnesium content.






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