Mobility Aids

Our Mobility aids offer optimal solutions for users with different needs.  Let's get you moving with mobility equipment recommended by a physio that understands the positive impact well-designed equipment can have on your life!

designed to make life easier, both for the user and for the caregiver
easy-to-use, safe transfer 
 well-designed & highly functional equipment 
many lifting accessories are available
reduce costs associated with manual-handling incidents, especially back injuries
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 EasyBelt Hug for transfers

EasyBelt Hug for transfers

Support for sitting transfers, standing & walking

More support with less effort!


Active Hoist Sling for sit-to-stand MiniLift

Active Hoist Sling for sit-to-stand MiniLift

Thorax Sling for extra comfort and support

Also with Seat Support

From $510.00

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AutoSlide Car Transfer Aid

AutoSlide Car Transfer Aid

Prevents you slipping forward in car seat

Reduce time spent getting comfortable!


Carina350EM Hoist Lift

Carina350EM Hoist Lift

Mobile floor hoist

Collapsible for travel and storage!


Eva 450EE Hoist Lift

Eva 450EE Hoist Lift

Mobile Floor Hoist

For individuals weighing up to 205kg


EvaDrive Motorised Patient Hoist Lift

EvaDrive Motorised Patient Hoist Lift


An innovative motorised lifting aid


Minilift 125 Standing Hoist

Minilift 125 Standing Hoist

Comfortable and safe transfer

made from steel for stability


Minilift 160 Standing Hoist

Minilift 160 Standing Hoist

active sit to stand

preserves natural movement pattern


MiniLift 200 Standing Hoist

MiniLift 200 Standing Hoist

sit to stand hoist

Extremely comfortable transition from sit to stand


OneWay Slide for positioning in chair/wheelchair

OneWay Slide for positioning in chair/wheelchair

Non-sliding mat to improve sitting position

Designed for one way movement!

From $160.00

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QuickMove sit-to-stand

QuickMove sit-to-stand

safe and secure sit-to-stand

Safeguards & strengthens the user's abilities


8% OFF RRP $3,035.00


Mobility Aids for Disabilities, Elderly, Children and Compromised Mobility

Let's Get Moving!


Everyone wants some degree of freedom to move, from satisfying the basics of needs such as going to the toilet to undertaking a travel adventure.  Our product range satisfies a broad spectrum of mobility needs that is both dignified to the user and kind to the backs of carers.  With extensive experience in aged care and the physiotherapy field, we want to see people GET MOVING!

Our range of mobility equipment is designed to make transfers safe and easy for both user and caregiver. Our range satisfies the need for the user to have some control over their movements.  This might be mobility equipment that is designed to take full load, such as the QuickMove, to equipment that encourages more engagement of the user, such as the MiniLifts.

Whatever the need, SUVE Healthcare has the solution!


Our Range of Mobility Aids

Patient Transfer Equipment

Transferring a patient from one location to another, such as moving from bed to wheelchair, can be a challenging exercise.  Transfer aids help minimise the risk of injury to an individual.  Falls, for example, are common in the elderly that can lead to further mobility issues and health complications.  Transfer aids also support carers and staff in the sometimes difficult and time-consuming task of transferring a patient that can cause strain and back injuries. Let's make it easier for everyone. Transfer aids are the way to go!


ProMove Slings 

Did you know a ProMove is so light and compact it makes a great travel companion?  Some wheelchair users have a ProMove tucked away for easy access.  ProMove Slings make transfers for disabled or people with reduced mobility much easier as the weight load of the individual is shared between handles that two carers can manage.  It prevents load injuries of carers and makes transfer a more dignified and comfortable experience for the individual.  Sizes range from children to bariatric adult, with or without head support.

Promove slings are ideal for aged care facilities, hospitals, ambulances, residency and in-home and child care settings (from age 3 upwards). 


               ProMove Sling Adult              With head support                        Child ProMove Sling             Child with head support                     Bariatric ProMove Sling

Promove Sling - AdultChild promove Slingchild's sling with head supportbariatric sling


Standing Hoists/Sit-to-Stand Hoists 

Designed for users that are capable of walking unassisted, but have some difficulty in standing up independently.  The MiniLifts have been designed to as gently as possible, assist the user from sitting to standing position in a natural movement pattern, while exercising leg muscles and engaging balance.

MiniLift 125   Standing Hoist for users weighing up to 125kg

MiniLift 160   Mobile Sit-to-Stand Lift for users weighing up to 160kg

MiniLift 200   Mobile Sit-to-Stand Lift for users weighing up to 200kg

ThoraxSling with seat support that can be used in combination with the MiniLifts

QuickMove provides a secure sit-to-stand transfer that supports and activates the user when rising up to a standing position or transferring to a new position, from either standing or sitting.  It also has FOLD DOWN CUSHION that the carer can put down for the user to have the option to transfer from a standing or seated position.  It's handy to have options!

MiniLift - transferring from wheelchair      MinLift standing                          MiniLift with thorax sling                        QuickMove sitting                    QuickMove standing

  minilift sitting Minilift 125  Minilift with thorax SlingQuick Move sit-to-standquick move standing


Patient Lifting Hoists

Lifting Hoists can help with a wide range of people who wish to stay in their own homes, but need mobility assistance.  Hoists work with a sling, which lifts and moves the patient to the desired location.  Lifters and hoists need to be operated by a carer, whether that be in the users home, aged care or hospital.  Our patient hoists are portable to allow easy moving between rooms. The versatile Carina350 is a portable folding hoist for easy travel or storage.

Hoists are ideal for disabled individuals and seniors as they give more freedom to move around the home or facility.  When used in combination with a sling, the risk of injury and strain during transfer procedures is reduced.  


Carina350 PortableFFolding Hoist of users weighing up to 165kg

Eva450 Patient Lifting Hoist for users weighing up to 205kg

EvaDrive An innovative motorised lift that drastically reduces risks for carers

                         Carina 350                                Carina 350 folded                                                       Eva450                                                              EvaDrive

carina 350  carina 350 folded  eva drive 400  evadrive



Mobility Transfer/Lifting Accessories - wheelchair, car, home use, out and about

Sit-to-Stand Hoist Slings

The ThoraxSling is a sit-to-stand vest that provides back support.  They are very comfortable and provides the user an added sense of security.  Both ThoraxSling models are to be used with MiniLift 125/ 160 / 200 models

ThoraxSling - provides support behind the back  

ThoraxSling with seat support - gives support under the seat

StandUp Sling - Provides support behind the back

All sling size options: S  M  L  XL

Thorax Sling standard                                          Thorax Sling with back support                      Stand up with ThoraxSling

thorax sling  thorax sling with support  stand up sling


Wheelchair/Chair Transfer Slides & Boards

One way Slide - a sliding mat with many functions. Helps improved sitting position in chairs/wheelchairs and makes it easy for the carer to help reposition user to a more comfortable position in a chair.

EasyGlide Oval Mini - facilitates positioning further back in chair. Very easy to place and remove.

EasyGlide Oval - a sliding board which is used for transfers from one bed or stretcher to another EasyGlide

OneWay Slide with handles                            OneWay Slide tubular                                    EasyGlide Oval                         EasyGlide in use

oneway slide with handles    oneway slide no handleseasyglideeasyglide in use


Car Transfer

AutoSlide - facilitates getting in and out of cars. The slide is fixed to the back of the car seat to prevent forward movement. Autoslide allows its user to turn and move sideways into position. Side handles allow carers to further position.


autoslide for car

Walking Aid

EasyBelt Hug - an improved design to give support for sit-to-stand transfers or moving from wheelchair to bed, car or toilet.  The belt 'hugs' onto the user to stop sliding and has handles that allow caregivers to hold onto.

easybelt  easybelt being worn easybelt with carer





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