OneWay Slide for positioning in chair/wheelchair

Non-sliding mat to improve sitting position

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  • The soft, padded surface is very comfortable to sit on.
  • The ULF sliding material under the buttocks makes it easy to pull the user backwards.
  • A non-slide area prevents the user from sliding forward.
  • Robust handles mean that carers need not physically pull users.
  • Straps for attachment to wheelchairs.
  • OneWaySlide is available in two models, with and without handles, and in several sizes.

One way slide - when you only wanting sliding in one direction! 

OneWay Slide is a sliding mat that helps improve seating position in a chair or a wheelchair.  It stops movement forward yet slides backward, making it easier for the carer to help find a more comfortable position for the user.

It is simply a case of grabbing the handles or back of mat and pulling - without great use of force. 

Robust handles mean that carers need not physically pull and jiggle users into position - never ideal for either individual or carer!

Two Models Available  OneWaySlide is also available in a tube-shaped design without handles for the more active user.

Both models are used to help the carer stand behind the individual in chair/wheelchair to pull the slide back further in the seat to achieve a more upright position. Watch the UTUBE above to get a better idea!

OneWaySlide is made of polyester, polyethylene and ULF (Ultra Low Friction)






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