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SUVE Heathcare specialises in innovative mobility aids, disability equipment and assistive technology.  We see the ABILITY in the Disability and we want to see people have the means to 'get moving'.  Life is full of adventures to be had.  Removing barriers to accessing those adventures is what our ultimate aim is. 

Simon is a physiotherapist with an extensive and varied background including community physiotherapy, mining ergonomics and providing physiotherapy services in the aged care sector.  Well designed, smart, practical and innovative mobility equipment with a strong purpose is his passion.  Simon has a well-informed understanding of smartly designed equipment and its positive, sometimes life-changing, impact on individuals and their carers. 


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Innovative Mobility Aids

Our product decisions are guided by the motivation for individuals to experience freedom in their mobility.  Our ProMove lifting slings, for example, open up many possibilities for people with disabilities or restricted mobility to access experiences that may have once been seen as too problematic.  This quality made lifting sling can be used for adults and children to transfer to an airline seat, a kayak, or even a seat in a theme park ride.  

We aim to fill the 'gaps' with equipment and aids that have limited offering in Australia.  As long as they improve the quality of life and help access new and more varied experiences, we are interested!  We will continue to scour new marketplaces to keep filling those gaps in the aim to GET YOU MOVING in the safest and most comfortable way possible.  


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