ProMove Emergency Services Kit

evacuation of people with reduced mobility or disability

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Promove slings for +Disability +Evacuation +Rescue

Be Prepared with the Emergency Evacuation Kit

Light-weight and compact, the ProMove Emergency Kit lends itself to be on the go and suitable for emergency vehicles with limited room.  Emergency services personnel are required to manually handle injured, incapacitated, disabled and bariatric individuals in challenging situations.  The ProMove Sling is so light and compact it is able to be used in restricted spaces, such as the case in vehicle crashes or evacuating people collapsed in tight spaces, such as a corner of a cramped room.

What the Emergency Evacuation Kit Contains

Emergency Service Sling

set of 8 extension handles 

ProMove bag designed to keep the contents organised and protected.

How the Sling Works

The sling is suitable for a range of different sizes, from a larger child or adolescent to moderately bariatric or obese adults.  The sling is placed under a seated or recumbent individual allowing the emergency services team to lift and carry that person fully supported, reducing the risk of further injury.  The sling can be placed without rolling the casualty.

The person's load is shared between several operatives with sturdy handles.  The extension handles (loops of soft webbing) are simply attached to the sling's handles, allowing more than 4 emergency members to share the load for heavier individuals or assisting in extra difficult moves, such as descending stairways.   The extension handles can be daisy-chained for extra extension length.

As an optional extra, we offer a tubular slide sheet that may assist in sliding someone from a restricted location, supported in the sling, to a position where it is easier to implement a lift. This will fit into the same bag.

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make the most challenging moves more manageable



  • Sling suitable for individuals weighing up to 45 stone/630 lb/290 kg


Promove slings for +Disability +Evacuation +Rescue


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