S-CAPEPOD Evacuation sheet

Permanently underneath the mattress

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S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet

Leave  No One Behind

S-CAPEPOD Emergency Evacuation Sheet is a permanent sheet placed under the patient's normal mattress for extra quick rescue procedures.  The sheet is simply folded via several flaps to encompass the patient in a secure and safe manner, ready for a speedy evacuation within in seconds.


What is the philosophy behind the S-CAPEPOD?
Many care facilities do not have an emergency plan for evacuating bedridden patients.  Imagine the time saved in an emergency when the mattress is already there? Patients do not have to be rolled and tampered with during a high-stress evacuation when a sheet has to be placed under the mattress.  What if only one carer is available at the time and the patient is obese?  S-CAPE has preempted all of this with their design of two evacuation sheets, the S-CAPEPOD and Bariatric S-CAPEPOD.


Speed, Simplicity and Comfort

Using beds for evacuation is not an option. Beds do not always fit through doors and can cause traffic jams in busy corridors.  The S-CAPEPOD provides the perfect solution and was designed with 3 core principles - speed, simplicity and comfort, three values of crucial importance during an evacuation. 

The permanent sheet that is placed under the patients' mattress is not felt or seen by the patient, but if needed, will be ready in a matter of seconds in case of emergency evacuation.

Ideal Settings for the S-CAPEPOD

  • Aged Care
  • Home
  • Disability Centres



Ready for evacuation in a matter of seconds


Step by Step Guide

Step by step guide to s-capepod evacuation


 Tensile strength
The pulling straps were safely tested up to 5000 kg.

Conformitée Européenne & ISO mark
Produced in alliance with the European law and ISO standards.

Weight capacity
120-150 kg, depending on the body size.


Anti-Bacterial      fire retardant technology     Permeable for extra hygiene   Easy to clean in washing machine



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