My husband and I suffer from arthritis and after trying almost every cream on the market have found that the Percutane works the best. We are so grateful this effective and well priced cream is now available to ease our pain.   

Peter and Marie Roper, Queensland

Magnesium spray is the best thing to happen in my life in the last 30 years.  My knees have stopped creaking and I can stand up with less stiffness and pain.   

Rita, Aged 87, Queensland

I stumbled across SUVE products via a family member who said it had relieved major RSI issues in their wrists. Likewise, I have been suffering from the gradual onset of RSI in my wrists for the last two years and had pretty much given up hope of relief (most products barely touched the surface, providing a pseudo-relief that faded very quickly). What is remarkable about the products I tried, especially the Percutane product, is the intensity of heat generated and the fact that it penetrates so deeply and quickly into the impacted areas, loosening up stiffness and relieving pain.  

Brad Knott, Oxford UK 

Anecdotal - After using EcoPain Eze Patch.  Eased pain in lower back by more than half. Took away necessity to use voltaren.  Patch also gave sense of calm and relief. Mike was able to get a good night sleep after typically waking up in the middle of the night.  He also used patches on top of his foot which has given relief from this chronic pain.
Mike, Aged 46 with Mild Cerebral Palsy and Arthritic pain, Brisbane, Queensland
I love the Zen Spray.  I spray it on my shoulder after gardening and I feel the warmth of the mint soak right in and calm my ache.  I keep the Zen Gel in my bag for my wrists.  Great for on the go.
Dianne, 69, Brisbane
Thanks for supplying this wonderful product.  I've suffered from a bad back for the past 45 years and I must say Percutane does give some relief.  What I particularly like is the warming sensation you experience throughout the entire day as claimed. Possibly one of the best products on the market for providing relief from muscular pain.  
Gary, Sydney
Extremely impressed with the super speedy delivery and personal service. Have shared and recommended to all my friends.   
Mary-Anne Cawdron, Brisbane 
The turmeric gets the thumbs up from me!  Much better than the plain stuff I was on. Coping better at work since I've started taking it.
Gerard, Perth
Arnica & Wintergreen Sports Balm - Three of my family members, including me, have spinal injuries and are also asthmatics. Being asthmatics on corticosteroids, all of us are prone to bruising.  The arnica and wintergreen is absolutely amazing for sore muscles and bruises.  We all use it and love it.  The smell is far better than any other product for sore muscles on the market and one jar lasts a long time.
Louise, Brisbane
Eco PainEze Patches - I love this product and I have been using it for some time on and off but as I couldn’t always find it in the chemist stores purchasing online was the way to go. The patch is thin which I love and easy to apply and creates a warm comfortable healing sensation to the area being treated. Great product. Thanks Robyn